From the heart’s core!

Put your guns on my shoulders 

If not your head.

Keep me at the border 

Than assuming me dead.

Blow those kisses ever so colder

Than breaking that binding thread.

If can’t warm the cockles of my heart, now so not bolder

Hack it in pieces or burn it red.

Chasing rainbows no doubt is harder,

But, I would chase you white hot till the end.

10 thoughts on “From the heart’s core!

      1. Hey hi, 🙂 ya i just felt I should take a break from writing and give time to blogs by reading :). I have been better but i know i will get back to being better again, Soon! How are you dear.

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      2. 🙂 good to know :). It’s life everytime everything may not be alright. We learn to live with it and sometimes we even forget it ever existed. I know it will get better and then once again not so better and so on. 🙂

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      3. 🙂 i am flattered. That’s very kind of you. With regard to cheering up i know it for a fact nothing lasts forever neither the difficult times. 🙂


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