A compromise

Those two pink stripes were all she wanted

Though it hadn’t been long that they’d both been wanting

Not a year had passed that they’d been married

But there was something beneath her heart that she carried

Not a male breast she yearned for 

Just two pink stripes was all she strived for

They made love in bits 

 was it really love? Even a little bit? 

They were distanced in miles and in love 

They just couldn’t not kindle that verve

Then the day arrived

When she was all smiles

As happy as a lark 

Emerging from the dark 

The faint stripes magically emerged 

She was abashed with the hormonal upsurge.

Though they had together taken the seven vows 

But her man was the last to know

She could have let bygones be bygones 

But she was Oh! so withdrawn 

Was it a protection for that little one so robust?

Or just oodles of mistrust

It takes two to tango 
A “me” and a “you” 

She was failing yet holding on

He was drowning yet going on

A child is a tie that binds 

Or maybe makes bearable that “compromise”

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