Nothing I confess could make him love me less! 

I whacked the bricks he aligned,

And blew the castle out, he made with those cards.

I strived to break the ties and get them untwined,

But he strived to ease those seemingly difficult boulevards.

I hacked his heart that he wore on his sleeve; he still seemed fine,

Putting up with me, he didn’t found hard.

Neither was I his and he mine,

He was the one, whom I gave durable scars.

He knew we weren’t destined,

But he left his heart ajar.

Hoping I would at last entwine,

If not in his arms but somehow with his heart. 

Cuz all that I am is all that he’ll ever need,

I know he’d love me now, then and till the last! 

Holding his hand I couldn’t decide,

 Can the sun and the moon ever collide? 

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