Memory lane..

An unusual silence enveloped the place that usually was lighted up by life always! And there we sat, gazing at the purple evening, where clouds kissed and parted, only to meet sooner, and the cold night fell, like an ink on a clean paper. 

I would lend an ear to his memories of this place, while ordering another two cups of tea. Except for the two of us and a couple of workers, there was none. I could hear the cold air sonorating through the pines like chimes. “Buddies” was a pent up to his emotions that he kept bottled up somewhere inside him. And since then the place coupled perfectly with us every evening. 

A set of friends would come by at times to share a light moment after a rough day at work and I would watch them, listen to their endless talks and wonder how they managed to talk endlessly! 

On our way back, I would try matching his footsteps, or listen to him humming an old song, and the walk didn’t seem long then! We had befriended the paths, the woods, and the birds. What was to be afraid of then! I was pampered by his silence, I was embraced by his gestures, I was loved by his glances and everything around me was all about him! 



I wasn’t unfamiliar with that silence! I could lounge in its warmth and dawdle in its chill! His careful whispers would startle my ears. He’d blow softly on the window glass and I’d gently move my finger on that fog to write the first alphabets of our names. And he’d  flash his rare smile, it would make my day! 

Never did we walk holding hands, for he felt his love was greater than possession. We’d walk to the scandal delights on the Mall, and I’d gaze at him in that balmy evening, in those dim lights among those unfamiliar faces and those colourful bottles of wine. He was a sort who would order tea in the bar and endlessly scribble on his notepad.

  Don’t drink beyond your capacity, we have a long way to go!” He’d say to me, and I would care less, for nothing could blitzed me any further! What his tea did to him, his presence did to me! 

And the night would be silent again, so silent that I could hear the breeze whispering to the leaves and fondling the pages of his notepad. I’d advance towards the window, to shut ourselves close to the world outside, for I was selfish to have him for myself, for a while! 

He’d open the window to let the moonlight flood our abode, and we’d sit beside the window, making patterns in the star studded sky. And I’d put my selfishness to bed; every minute and second, in every breath I took and every step I walked, he has been mine. 

My travel tales….

His silence cast a spell on me, sloshed me in ways no alcohol could! 

Black” he said, was his favourite colour!

And those cold nights in the blue hills, his silence kept me warm! 

There were times when he spoke, as if he had perfected the art of speaking! We took the long walks among the silent pines of charabara forest, that echoed with his shayari’s! And it seemed the birds too joined the feat! 

He would tell me tales about the haunted dhukani house, and I would drape my shawl more tightly, that was the time he would put his hand on my shoulder, that was the only physical touch we had, and it kept me warm till we would reach our abode! 

He’d ask me to feel the fragrance of the mud, freshly wetted by the elixir that God poured from above ; it would sedate my body and soul, and he’d say he felt the same for me! 

Those were rare moments when he’d confess his love to me! But I never craved for more. 

We’d savour the misty mornings with a cup of creamy hot tea. His fingers would flatter my tresses, I’d feel his tips caressing my nape, and that would startle me! There would be but us, the sky, the hills, the muddy aroma, his poetry and that sonorous silence! 

I turned the pages of his jotted reveries and this tugged at my heartstrings……

“Jab do logon ke darmiyan khamoshi aaramdeh ho, 
Jan jao ki tumhe jis pyar ki talash thi weh talaash ab khatm hui !”

Kaleidoscope of senses! 

I hear a thousand leaves fluttering as the wind blows them a kiss,

And the fallen leaves performing the same feat!

The earth’s tears make many people feel lighter! 

I see the flowers and feel earth exploding in laughter.

I see vivid emotions in the Hued sky,

And the silhouetted hills with a welcoming smile.

I hear the pages turning by themselves,

On the young writers desk.

I go closer and see the empty pages, 

‘Coz ahead of him still the whole life is waiting.

I see the sun always by the moon’s side,

Brings it to frame though it can easily outshine. 

Makes it shine much brighter as darkness falls.

That’s a love I desire for all!

I see the ripe fields swinging with a smile,

And the harversted ones standing upright.

Yes, because of the pride,

As they’ve given us the best they could provide! 

I like the raindrops racing on the window,  they compete without any fight! 

I Feel the damp window as if some goblin cried there all night!

The witches with brooms and the fairies with their wands 

I believe in the magic and the haunts! 

I taste a different world and love its bits,

It fills my voids and to it I proudly submit! 

©Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava ✨📸

Her summertime sorrow…


The sun was slouching in the sky as if not yet prepared to embrace the moon, while she dribbled saline on her cushion every night, thinking about her own moon! 

She could feel the summer surging up and high, she knew there won’t be any blankets now to pull over her face and cry. 

So instead she thought of celebrating her lament, somewhere where she could sit with patience.

She went to the park, saw the aged and the young, and breathed some freshness to her lungs!

Some proudly draped their sorrows , some accustomed to their wounds, many lost their youth but never did they frown! 

They all had voids that eventually got filled, some had lost everything but their benevolence wasn’t killed! 

She realised however late, that her void is equally great.

Well, it was only the distance that could be bridged, not a separation that was hard to be abridged.

So she sat for the test, vented her inability in words, promising herself to stay strong, and now it no more hurts! 

✨Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava ✨


👉🏻 srivastava 

A compromise

Those two pink stripes were all she wanted

Though it hadn’t been long that they’d both been wanting

Not a year had passed that they’d been married

But there was something beneath her heart that she carried

Not a male breast she yearned for 

Just two pink stripes was all she strived for

They made love in bits 

 was it really love? Even a little bit? 

They were distanced in miles and in love 

They just couldn’t not kindle that verve

Then the day arrived

When she was all smiles

As happy as a lark 

Emerging from the dark 

The faint stripes magically emerged 

She was abashed with the hormonal upsurge.

Though they had together taken the seven vows 

But her man was the last to know

She could have let bygones be bygones 

But she was Oh! so withdrawn 

Was it a protection for that little one so robust?

Or just oodles of mistrust

It takes two to tango 
A “me” and a “you” 

She was failing yet holding on

He was drowning yet going on

A child is a tie that binds 

Or maybe makes bearable that “compromise”

From the heart’s core!

Put your guns on my shoulders 

If not your head.

Keep me at the border 

Than assuming me dead.

Blow those kisses ever so colder

Than breaking that binding thread.

If can’t warm the cockles of my heart, now so not bolder

Hack it in pieces or burn it red.

Chasing rainbows no doubt is harder,

But, I would chase you white hot till the end.