Keep my secret.

Those slender bony hands 

That manoeuvred on and on

Made the cold desks worth sitting on.

So Carefully designed 

Velvety, only if I could touch 

Filed lustrous nails 

Made me go insane.

Trying to gather all my attention 

But the talking interested me in no dimensions 

As did those hands,I wish I could tell that their charm 

I could no more withstand.

So I went to confess, but in vain

The remarkable hands caught me again 

My gazing got gullible 

It buried me deeper than a sleeper.

He asked me if I needed something?

That gave me wings

But I didn’t want to spill the beans 

‘Cuz secretly admiring was my thing.

“Happiness” is to admire

Admire without any desire. 

This was something I did fret

But I told it to you,

Now it no longer is a secret! 

7 thoughts on “Keep my secret.

      1. You know I love whenever you say one of my three favorite phrases. ;o) You know how to make a person feel special which makes you a wonderful person have in ones life. I’m lucky.

        Liked by 1 person

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