The “HANDS UP” tag!

We all have at some or the other point in our lives put our hands up. Be it while partying with your crazy bunch or as a result of missing  out on your homework of the most strict teachers’ class, Or waking up after a good nap!

My best hands up moments, I would like to type down…. 

1. Tie my hair in a messy bun! 

2. Hugging my a-listers! (Highly confidential 😅)

3. Pulling the quilt over my head during winters!

4. Polishing my rudraksh 📿

5. Making world’s best cheese chilly (my mom says so 🙄)

6. Extending a great helping hand to ones who can not reach the top shelves😁

7. Cleaning my room (I like tidy rooms)

8. Playing the “slap game” and badly loosing it every time.

9. Making snow balls ❄️ 

10. Raising toast 🍻 


➡️savio thank you for the awesome tag! 

7 thoughts on “The “HANDS UP” tag!

    1. Umm…it’s s game, in which two or more can be involved. It goes like all are supposed to keep both hands on their cheeks, whosoever removes the hand from the cheeks gets a slap!


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