Waking up to…..

Today, I woke up to the sheer nonsense of the city. Nonsense as in the whangs of horns, cars and people bumping into each other, the ‘seetiwala’ – a useless man with no eggs in his three tiered grocery shop! Those set of people who are employed in playing that ‘louder than audible range’ music in their cars in the morning itself, I like calling them “unemployed.” The aunties screaming on their housekeepers, uncles screaming on aunties…..

So, my day starts with cursing all the people who played a significant role in throwing me into this city! I was made to bask in the rays of the sun emerging out of mountains, slowly…rather, where the sun comes out as early to give a permission for the nonsense to commence! 

People call it life here! Life starts as early as the sun emerges out. All the crowd, savage or civil is out on the streets. And this continues for the whole day. Parks are the most wonderful creation. It brings all living organisms to one platform where they can do anything, if they have nothing else in the world to do. You can see couples engaged in bonking, (thanks for they know the limits of bonking in public). I would mention that I enjoy watching the kids and elderly class who come to the parks. That lot is the ONLY LOT that doesn’t disappoint me! 

The city life they call it…and I think I am not made for it. I like waking up to a beautiful view of naked or snow clad mountains from my room’s window, a nice, creamy cup of tea complimented with the gossips and laughter shared with my mother.

 I am a morning person, I wake up earlier than the sunrise, just to be a part of somewhat the same experience, that makes me nostalgic and homesick. Because as soon as the sun is up, begins the sheer nonsense of the city. 

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