What’s worse? 

Today, her coffee tasted bitter, bitter even after adding those usual two big spoons of sugar. Bitter because she was all by herself today. She wanted to keep the cup down. But one can’t always give up like that. Life won’t always work as per her comforts, she thought. So she went on drinking the bitter joe.

  Missing someone is bad, inability even worse. Being a part of a relationship where exists the preponderance of one, makes life difficult. Moving out was never  a way out for her. She had someone who accepted her, she’all always have someone who does. But her Redemptions lay in that burning house that she lived in. Burning because she had laid herself open in body and in difficult secrets to the person who mattered the most to her. “A bad past is never just a bad past.” She muttered to herself. And now whilst she stirred some more sugar into her coffee, she pondered over what’s more bitter the coffee, the relationship or her inabilities.

4 thoughts on “What’s worse? 

  1. She sounds like me and a lot of other people I know, and we oft blame the person closest to us when something go wrong and dat person is our self. “The past can never hurt you if you don’t let it” and the worlds problem today is shame and blame and if you’re looking for the guilty, we need only look into a mirror. Opening yourself up is not wrong, quid pro quo of course, the door swings both ways, some people learns the hard way. :o( But anyway, redemption just isn’t a word, it’s a road too and some take it. Bitter…..relationships can be fixed, there are no such thing as inabilities when the word capability exist, so it’s probably her coffee…..more sugar please. ;o)

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    1. Haha!!! Well some people are so helpless that no matter how much sugar you add…the coffee tastes still bitter. Relationships can always be fixed as both are interdependent….but opening up I would say creates more problems than fixing problems!

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