Miles apart! 

There’s an adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder”  while typing this piece, I have all those beautiful people in my mind, whom I am fortunate to come across in my life! This adage holds relevance for me. I tend to come across people who are far from me, yet so close! Someone once told me “let the things take time to grow, and those will be permanent.” You can love someone from a distance truly. A personal touch, well who doesn’t prefer? But if it comes after a certain amount of struggle, it’s sure to have a deeper impact on you, and it would hold significance like no other! 

 I have come across people who are not in favour of distant relationships, just because they think those don’t survive for longer. Never underestimate what a broken heart and a man in love can do! Distance relationships is the easiest test a man in love (like seriously in love) can take! It’s saddening, the inability, undoubtedly. But it encourages ones patience.

Taking the road less travelled is not a cakewalk! But it pays rich dividends! A person at the other side of globe can have a lasting impact on you, than someone who is sitting next to you! It may be that you find solace somewhere across the seas or borders, maybe you are strong enough to be put into that trail. 

Physical existence matters least when someone tugs at your heart strings! Its beautiful when even a single text, mail or a call from a person across the stretches, make a mix of blood and glitter run swift through your veins, at the same time! Strong are the ones who have the capacity to handle such relationships and it’s beautiful! physicality reduces the significance of relationships…when distance does you apart, take pride for you have been chosen to tread that path! What good a person next to you is able to do, if you need that hug from a specific person (sitting miles away) only! 

Waiting for the big fat smile 😉

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