The scars…

walk with you,

Halt when you do,

No matter who stays or leaves… 

They stay with you.

Is someone as loyal as the scars? 

Neither let you progress 

Nor regress.

Is someone as mighty as the scars?

They remind you of the subsided pain,

What you lost and what you have gained.

Does someone teach as good as scars?

People say I can’t survive a day in the real world,

I say they can’t survive a night in mine. 

The scars, I have loved too fondly to whine…

The scars define not me but what I have survived! 

I look proud and walk with pride 

I now reveal the scars which once I used to hide,

Look closer at my face…Do you see any scars

My eyes show…they ignite in me…my smile reveals they reside in me….I carry them in my heart! 

Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava srivastava 

9 thoughts on “Scars…

  1. Badi khushi hoti hai apke post padhkar mujhe….acha lagta hai aise alfaz jinko bayan karpana muskil hota hai unko ap itne acche tarike se bayan karte hain…..i appreciate your writing and tidings of lifes journey via such lovely words n heart touching poetry…

    Regards Hidayath D

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