The mystery of that night! 

They met not as a coincidence, it was all planned, planned by the fate. They just strove for practically implementing what fate held for them. But one thing neither she nor he had planned…that night!

Her hair didn’t fell below her shoulders, her waist neither too thin nor to fat to catch hold of, her face wasn’t perfectly shaped. But she was still the most beautiful woman for him. He on contrary, was muscular yet slim built, his face perfectly shaped, his features sharp, a deadly smile, his hair wild and dense…she could keep furling her fingers through them. 

It had been 5 months since their engagement, that they had met. They preferred meeting over for dinner in one of the lush Thai restaurant in the city. After a decent meal and vodka sips, they went on walking to their room. It didn’t take a second for him to grab her tight in his arms. She skipped a beat! He touched her body as if a nymph spreading elixir from heaven on earth. She got goosebumps from his touch. She felt surrounded. She wanted to stop time. They kissed. He unclothed her carefully, making her feel safe, making her feel at ease. Hours later, she woke up at his side…it was 5am in the morning..she did not have the faintest idea what happened last night. He woke up, kissed her…looked at her baffled face.

“So the vodka worked, right?” She said in a doubtful voice.

“Yes, it did” He said, in a calm and amiable tone. 

They are married for 2 years now and she still ponders over what happened that night. 

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