दूर वादियों में कहीं

A journey I took, to shudder off the monotony that held me so tight, that I started to suffocate. It weakened my nerves. The Spleen replaced the blood and ran through my veins, I felt homesick for those arms that showed me a blithe disregard. So I was ready to escape. Packing a survival kit, I set forth with a great panache to tread the path towards the majestic mountains of triund.

The breeze caressed my face softly and I forgot how tiresome the whole trek was. The spleen was getting replaced by the warm blood. The purple hued evening studded with tiny stars and the clouds played a maestoso with the mountains that stood in front of me, ready to embrace me. I was basking in the purple rain, and my mind played back the song “little red corvette” yes, I had found the everlasting love here.

And when the Shepherd sang in his rustic voice “laal chiriye” the lore of the dusk, the hour of the cow dust…(godhooli) by the fireside, that spit orange embers into the inked sky, I absorbed the image of the silhouetted mountains for the last time, that left me teary eyed, for I had never felt a consummation so deep and fulfilling. I was blitzed as the night put its dark warm blanket on me, I was longing for this sleep and I wish I’d never woke up from that steady slumber.

Picture credits : Rajiv Srivastava




Aagaaz: Advanced Underground Wastebin system 

“Aagaz” (the beginning) has been kindled by Mr. Sudhir Sharma (Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Town & Country Planning in the Government of Himachal Pradesh). Aagaz, the word itself holds enormous beauty and so does the initiative that Mr. Sharma had taken up. 

Dharamshala is the first city in the country to have the city wide sensor based underground wastebin network. The city that’s enveloped by the mighty dhauladhars and is ornamented with bhuddhist overtones, now wears a distinct panorama after the launch of the underground wastebins. 


1. NEXUS NOVAS, a Netherlands company had conduct a feasibility study for making the state a ‘Waste Free’ or ‘Zero Waste State’ and has thus installed these bins. 

2. The alarm would divulge the concerned department once the bins fill up and the dustbins would be hydraulically lifted and cleared by the corporation. 

3. Authorities would come to know about the filling status of dustbins on their mobile phones. Hence, they would be able to clear the dustbins in a time-bound manner.

4. The problem of filth and stink would be automatically solved. 

5. No offensive odour 

6. No stray animal or rodents littering the garbage. 

7. There are three stickered bins for biodegradable, non biodegradable, and inert material to facilitate segregation of waste. 

8. The bins are designed as low-level- throw-ins, so that the physically challenged people and, children can easily use them.

9. The system is fully automated hence the possibility for physical contact with the waste is reduced resulting in improving working conditions for sanitary workers.

10. 70 hi-tech underground waste bins have been placed and made functional. 

Now that’s called a smart solution! Hats off Mr. Sudhir Sharma. 🙏

Accepting “CHANGE”

Freeing myself from colours of modernity,

Where being blessed is to have monetary security.

I have lived a life so lavish 

But I still find peace on the bank of Ganges.

Where the mild wind plays with the chimes

I haven’t come across any better rhyme.

Where people find their niche in the faux air,

But return home with that routine despair.

“Throwback” to the days when “love” was not just a word.

It wasn’t said too much but was always enough! 

When fingers tasted whits and gobs of the paperbacks piled,

When travelling the world was wandering in the library aisle.

When finding someone unspoilt by conceit was not hard,

Subtle hints fostered fondness and fleshy lust was dismally regard.

Away from the tasty morsels of make believe, here  I am 

Absorbing the reality as much as I can.

Change is the spice of life they say!

I believe too, but not always.

Times when brothels echoed with sonorating anklets of devadasis,

Where now eunuchs rock to and fro till their orientation bleeds.

When people took dip in holy waters to free themselves from sins 

And now, drenched in elixir they openly sin! 

I have tasted transition; from morals to modernity,

And so I find solace in the sagacious company! 

Some accept change easily, while some are hurt,

But remember, flowers grow only through dirt! 

In the quest to live forever..

Golden waters kiss my bare feet when I stand on the last step on the bank of Bhagirathi,

Though scared of the depth, I find myself embosomed as I step deeper, I find myself so free.

The dip and chanting shlokas purifies the soul, a beginning of uniting me with thee…

I feel the urge to leave my body or is it my body that urges to leave me? 

I return on the bank the very evening with the lamps lit in pure ghee..

Offering those to the river so they reach the deceased souls, brightening up their journey to immortality.

I forget not, to put one lamp near the tatty hut, that has been there for centuries…

Where in the disgusted disguise, live my lord thee

I listen to the song offering that reaches even the dead ears, filling them with tranquility. 

Their paths are lighted and their journey made so easy. 

Death a mourning for the living and a celebration for the deceased. 

Such is thy love that pulls me to thee.

I walk towards where the pyres hiss and spit orange embers into the night so inky. 

And nothing more beautiful than that could ever be. 

Feel detached from the flesh and blood, it no longer soothes me….

The nightingale mourns the eyes that lick those well served lies about humanity, 

And I strip off the lies that skin me, to unite with thee. 

Burning on the bank, mixing with the sand, immersing in the Bhagirathi 

I have been dead for ages and now is the journey towards immortality. 

I have battled in hell and rested in heaven  I ponder how enchanting would our meeting place be. 

Reverend than the sun rays, warmer than the bonfire, brighter than the yellow roses and higher than the orgasmic heights, with thee I will lie in peace. 

Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava 



Changing clocks and clump of colours 

The month of March seems to be a long one, probably because the February just flew by! The mushy month went off bag and baggage and march came up with pressing issues, party results for instance. U.P. with the “saffron wave” the Congress comeback in Punjab and a Hung in Goa! So this year Holi is going to be welcomed with some happy while some sad faces. 

In India the “Holi wave” had already taken the reins of social networking in its hands, meanwhile in USA something equally significant is ready to roll. The daylight saving time in the United States. It begins at 2am local time on the second Sunday of march and the standard time returns in the first Sunday of November, at 2am. So the clocks would be pushed an hour ahead on the coming sunday there, that is March 12, 2017. 

What is it all about? 

Mornings darker so you finally follow the rhyme early to bed and early to rise.”

evenings lighter so one has a good amount of time to exercise outdoors. 

loosing an hour in bed, so the nocturnals realise how important it is to sleep on time. 

“Spring forward, fall back.” 

• Prioritising the time 

• cancelling insignificant plans, making good use of time. 

The reaction now… 

The reaction then… 

That’s human nature, crib about adjusting, adjust, crib again. 

So, tomorrow while the vicinity would be charged up with colours flying all over in india, USA would be flying ahead an hour. Is that their success mantra, I wonder! 

The DYING goddess and the ruining epitome of love

The picture presents a striking co-existence in India, the one driven by urbanisation while the other by the tradition. The Yamuna stands as a stagnant pool of filth between the two worlds, in the lap of which lord Krishna is believed to have played, according to the Indian mythology. On the one end is the muck and dirt which is a result of rapid urbanisation. The cow that is believed to contain various deities within her body, according to the Hindu mythology, here is seen feeding on the garbage and dross. 

On the other end stands the seventh wonder of the world, an epitome of love, the Taj Mahal that has witnessed generations of romance driven couples before it, now is surrounded by swarms of insects that are supercharged by the nutritious green algae blooming profusely along the banks of polluted Yamuna. Are we waiting for the most beloved monument to turn into the most visited “RUIN” for the tourists in the coming years? 

But I strongly feel, the determination of accomplishing something noble isn’t too difficult to be bridged. 

✨Picture credits : Rajiv Srivastava ✨
www.imazinindia.com/rajiv srivastava