Her summertime sorrow…


The sun was slouching in the sky as if not yet prepared to embrace the moon, while she dribbled saline on her cushion every night, thinking about her own moon! 

She could feel the summer surging up and high, she knew there won’t be any blankets now to pull over her face and cry. 

So instead she thought of celebrating her lament, somewhere where she could sit with patience.

She went to the park, saw the aged and the young, and breathed some freshness to her lungs!

Some proudly draped their sorrows , some accustomed to their wounds, many lost their youth but never did they frown! 

They all had voids that eventually got filled, some had lost everything but their benevolence wasn’t killed! 

She realised however late, that her void is equally great.

Well, it was only the distance that could be bridged, not a separation that was hard to be abridged.

So she sat for the test, vented her inability in words, promising herself to stay strong, and now it no more hurts! 

Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava


👉🏻http://www.imazinindia.com/rajiv srivastava 

11 thoughts on “Her summertime sorrow…

      1. It was really nice. Also as an artist never be modest about your work. I too used to do that. When appreciated all you need to feel is happy and great that people connected with u. No buts, just thank you or whatever. Hope it’s ok if i say this 🙂

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