Changing clocks and clump of colours 

The month of March seems to be a long one, probably because the February just flew by! The mushy month went off bag and baggage and march came up with pressing issues, party results for instance. U.P. with the “saffron wave” the Congress comeback in Punjab and a Hung in Goa! So this year Holi is going to be welcomed with some happy while some sad faces. 

In India the “Holi wave” had already taken the reins of social networking in its hands, meanwhile in USA something equally significant is ready to roll. The daylight saving time in the United States. It begins at 2am local time on the second Sunday of march and the standard time returns in the first Sunday of November, at 2am. So the clocks would be pushed an hour ahead on the coming sunday there, that is March 12, 2017. 

What is it all about? 

Mornings darker so you finally follow the rhyme early to bed and early to rise.”

evenings lighter so one has a good amount of time to exercise outdoors. 

loosing an hour in bed, so the nocturnals realise how important it is to sleep on time. 

“Spring forward, fall back.” 

• Prioritising the time 

• cancelling insignificant plans, making good use of time. 

The reaction now… 

The reaction then… 

That’s human nature, crib about adjusting, adjust, crib again. 

So, tomorrow while the vicinity would be charged up with colours flying all over in india, USA would be flying ahead an hour. Is that their success mantra, I wonder! 

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