The DYING goddess and the ruining epitome of love

The picture presents a striking co-existence in India, the one driven by urbanisation while the other by the tradition. The Yamuna stands as a stagnant pool of filth between the two worlds, in the lap of which lord Krishna is believed to have played, according to the Indian mythology. On the one end is the muck and dirt which is a result of rapid urbanisation. The cow that is believed to contain various deities within her body, according to the Hindu mythology, here is seen feeding on the garbage and dross. 

On the other end stands the seventh wonder of the world, an epitome of love, the Taj Mahal that has witnessed generations of romance driven couples before it, now is surrounded by swarms of insects that are supercharged by the nutritious green algae blooming profusely along the banks of polluted Yamuna. Are we waiting for the most beloved monument to turn into the most visited “RUIN” for the tourists in the coming years? 

But I strongly feel, the determination of accomplishing something noble isn’t too difficult to be bridged. 

✨Picture credits : Rajiv Srivastava ✨ srivastava

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