Love stoned❤️

The awaited day is just a few hours away, THE VALENTINES DAY. A plethora of couples wait for the day and the social networking has taken the reins already! The Facebook timelines are stuffed with relatable trolls of “how I am going to be single again on this valentines.” OR how my friends celebrate valentines vs how I celebrate valentines.” 

Isn’t it surprising how easily this event has replaced all the current issues on public portal, from “Is Donald Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ order a Muslim ban? To “Here’s  what you can gift him/her on Valentine’s Day.” 

Tomorrow it would be a sight to see at the Sukhna lake and the sector gardens that would be jam packed with mushy lovers. 

The demonetisation issue would temporarily fly away and the money would drive from pockets to roses and red velvet cupcakes. Well, this hormonal upsurge called “love” would drive people crazy for the whole day tomorrow! 

Instead of sending or buying those monotonous and futile heart shaped chocolate boxes embellished with “I love you’s”  and those oversized cards that might not catch much attention than dust over the time, and planning expensive fruitless dinners……Why not plan a day in quilt, watching a series of Sherlock Holmes on Netflix, have a jumbo pizza that you both can share, that is love too! Have a hot chocolate with a tinge of booze that could make you doze off better! Or just take out your parents for an evening walk, that’s love as well! Watch the sunset together or just be awkward together. 

Instead of an expensive bouquet; buy her a rose from the child who sells flowers on the traffic lights. 

Instead of expecting ritzy and fancy schmancy surprises; ask him to hug you like never before!

 Do things that you really enjoy, cuddles could be one of those things. Remember “the smallest things take up most of the space in our hearts.”

Well you can make the day an excuse for the things you  have been longing to do! As for instance you could propose your lady love or vice versa! No offence to the ones who are planning a lavish dinner, do it if it leaves you satisfied. Being a spendthrift once in a while does no harm, but I feel what street food does to me, a fine dine meal can never! Money may buy happiness but it can’t buy satisafcation! 

Whatever you plan to do, make it the best Valentine’s Day ever! 

Don’t forget to send hugs to the ones far from you! Hugs are undoubtedly better than words and gifts! 

13 thoughts on “Love stoned❤️

  1. 🤗 beautiful I loved it. Also had a tear in my eye for I know that one person who came to my mind isnt the one anymore or should I say never was. Anyway forget that. I am getting a tattoo done tom 🙂 as a gift to myself :)) I am so excited yay!

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