Not all roses…

Barren crags now stuff me with tranquility,

Naked mountains fill me with palpable mirth,

Dried Scattered leaves pacify my soul,

Thunderstorms compose my heartbeats,

Silence of the Nightfall in the boondocks,

Soothes me to the bones.

This catastrophic collapse makes me rise,

I am falling for the sadness you put in my lap,

I am cherishing the miles between us,

How beautiful it is to flay in your love,

A never ending trance.

I’ve found such relief in the starless sky,

That puts its arms around me at night.

Sleepless nights and my mind,

Encompassing your thoughts,

I miss you and you miss me not.

I’ve known only the lonely roads,

And I know you won’t tread those with me.

I don’t fear hallucinations,

So what if you turn out to be all in shambles!

 If I fear your disgusted disguise,

Am I even worth loving you? 

13 thoughts on “Not all roses…

  1. I loved this post. As spoken by willytime above, you know the answer and the answer to the last question my dear is you are worthy of all the wonderful things. You probably were even worthy of loving the unloved or the one who couldn’t love. I wish someday it would be a two way love. May be involving someone wonderful or maybe that someone could just be you. Always be loved and happy dear.

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      1. 🙂 I try to and hope it is always. I am yet to get there when it gets from most of the times to all the time. I am certain with you and people like you around I would just get there soon. Be in touch and post more often dear. Even if it has to be some lines. 🙂 Have a wonderful day

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      2. Hehehe as always cute and best at making me feel special. I wonder what could I have done to be so fortunate to have someone like you always saying things that just makes me elated and worthy. Thank you dear

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      3. This happens right! It does happen with me as well! I am not very good at striking up a conversation, and I am not surprised how I managed that with you, because you have been a constant morale booster. And being around positive people is the best you can do to yourself!

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      4. I know and in so many ways and times you have been been trying reason I’ve got back on track. I couldn’t thank you enough for those days and other days too. May you always continue to be that quotient in everyone’s life. Amplifier is the word for u 🙂

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