On the boundless Dream lane 

I sit to write about those pea green meadows,

And those peaceful backwood marshes, 

The sun that has set and the sun that rises.

I sit to write about the tinder in the bonfire,

that warms up the soul on those cold winter mornings.

And the dead leaves that fall down and fill the pavements during the autumnal stormings. 

I know not, from where does your mentioning start,

 while writing about these charming affairs!!

And I chant your remeberance like a morning prayer!

Is it your mention or some fragrance that charges up my veins with ecstasy.

But then the tears roll down my cheeks,
And make the paper wet with my inabilities.

I hold back the tears and drown in my boundless reveries! 

There’s where I meet you without any rush!

We don’t make love, love makes us! 

30 thoughts on “On the boundless Dream lane 

      1. Actually that is not the only reason. But I’ll take control of myself and things around me soon. I know this is just a phase and Its only going to make me better. Thank you for making time to mesg me though that’s sweet of you to reply

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      2. It’s good to take out time for the ones who matter! And replying demanded oozing out just a couple of minutes. I know you’ll manage well! All phases pass eventually, and bring out the best in you! So good luck!

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      3. Oh my, that’s more overwhelming than anything I’ve ever heard about myself. I am honoured and now more accountable towards how I conduct myself in such times. You have no clue what you have done by handful of words. I owe you big time. Much gratitude. Take care.

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      4. It’s beautiful to have a person like you around! I am sure if I am stuck I can always depend on you or sometimes your posts would just be the right place to stop by! I am honoured to have you and I am sure whatever the time you are going through you’ll eventually get through it with the flashy smile on you face and courage in your heart! I am imagine you smiling while reading this! That makes me happy as well! 😉

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      5. You won’t believe it Akshita I was already smiling only to further read the line speaking about me reading you reply and smiling 🙂 I would be so glad if I could r there for you always and hope that you and many others could find some difference in what they feel, reading my posts. Also, plz feel free to email me on Durga.krishnan84@gmail.com if ever you need someone to listen to. Well I would say the person listening and guiding you to the best can and will always be yourself. But incase you need me I’d be more than happy to be there for you 🙂

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      6. I have crazy relationship with my memory. It keeps coming and going 😀 sometimes even gets lost for a long time. I’ll save it in my folder 🙂 thank you, really Akshita you mean a lot to me and your words are truly embracing 🙂

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      7. That’s the case with me as well! I have saved it in my notes 😅 but yeah I have memorised it! My words are just a 10% written representation of what I feel about you as a person! Digest this fact first and I will come up with the rest 90%. Soon!

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      8. Oh my god, you know you made my eyes misty and then the mist turned into a sparkle in my eye. You can only get what you are giving in 10 folds dear. This is no wish this is the law of nature. May you always be blessed, inspired, loved, cared and have the buck up needed 🙂

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      9. Lol! I am going to make sure I do dear. Between I looked up the meaning of your name – Akshita – Permanent, Can not be broken easily.secure, Saved, Guarded… No doubt you instilled all of the above in me once again 🙂 thank you isn’t enough but thank you 🙂

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      10. It’s hard to find people like you! You are a gem. Conversations with a person who lifts you up are the best ones! I don’t think the satisfaction I have found today, any other thing could ever replace! Thanks for being there!

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      11. Wow Akshita it’s a classic case of someone being so modest. But I guess I get you when you say that. I am glad we both were with each other today. You alreay pushed me to make the blog of the day. It has turned out so well. All thanks to you and people here who make sure I continue on my peaceful journey no matter what the hurdles.

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      12. 🙂 If and when you get the time plz do read the post I just posted I would like for you to feel what I’ve written 🙂 hope you like it 🙂 I would generally not urge someone to read my post but this one in particular I really would like you to read 🙂

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