Changing times! 

How time changes and how times have changed! In the gaps of generation, lie many untold stories, many concealed thoughts. 

I was lying on my mothers lap, which I have always loved doing! She was making vicious patterns of the yarn from metal needles. Knitting is one of her avocations. You would never find her all idle, she rather enjoys the company of the needles and the yarn. And this company is no less than a rangbhoomi! Where the yarn tangles and dances with the needles and results in a beautiful hand painted motif!

I tried my hand at it, failed for obvious reasons. Crafts was not my field of interest…she patiently kept teaching me. So I could finally cast my first stitch! But it still seemed a long way to go and I was not prepared. I asked her, how did she learn it and whether she was as bad as me in the beginning or not? 

“Ours was a different time! There were no metal, plastic or wooden needles. I learnt using sorghum straws!” She said plainly.

This made me think, were people so poor back then? They used to knit with the same objects used for brooming! To which my mother replied, “people in those times were a little less materialistic and prodigal.”

One thing I feel, that those were the times when resources were minimal, because people found satisfaction in whatever more or less they owned! 

From the blurred memories of my mother’s past, I realised times certainly have changed and this is an ongoing process! Someday I would be telling some similar tale to my kid, who would be left abashed on hearing it, or maybe laugh at it, who knows? 

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