The child in me…

Because even after my staunch efforts to ignore it,  I could not bring myself not to do it this tag.

‘The child in me…’ Well I don’t even consider myself grown up yet. So the child in me, walks with me, stays with me and is too stubborn to leave me. 

Well I could not arrange for a better picture reason being I am away from home. 

 When I was a kid I made friends with people younger to me and now I am a complete opposite😁. 

What I remember is 

• I had a knack for collecting Barbie dolls that I wished my children would have a glimpse of, before my mom threw all of them out. I still wonder where she threw them.

• I remember reading the ‘KARDI KATHA’ and watching its movie time and again. I had a penchant for it. I still remember the story by heart.

•playing ‘house house’ was obvious! 

Cheers to all the hotties who would die after seeing the picture! Except for me because this one’s really close to my it your friends birthday or yours doesn’t matter…you are always left with a gift! (Be it a return gift). I was obsessed with gifts.

I was always a serious and competitive student. I had good pictures to support that but I will have to travel all the way to home to get those. 

• I was always the leader of the group.

• loved mutter paneer🍲

• was a tomboy 

• crybaby (follows me till date)

• hated grass

• hated icing on the cake and all the sweets

• Dexter was a favourite show 

• “katti-batti’s”

• pinky promises 

Tan fades, cold vanishes, but memories stay forever. The child in me too has stated back!

#Goin’ the extra…aaamile 


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