Sack of gold to a “thirsty” soul

The picture was captured in a remote village of Rajasthan, the land of mournful kingdom of sand where water scarcity is nothing new. In this village that has a single source of water- a dried well, makes it inevitable for humans and animals to struggle for every drop of water. A young girl who should be carrying books to school and getting education for the betterment of her future walks barefoot, in the blistering sand and blazing heat, carrying a pitcher of water, matched with the camel carrying a sack of water on its back, gives a pitiable image of the problems faced by the animals and inhabitants of the village. Water crisis is the most invisible dimension of ecological imbalance and devastation on earth. Such lands of lost borders piled up with simmering heat and dried sources of water make it a suffering both for the animals and the man to walk miles in the burning sand and scorching heat, to quench their thirst.
Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava srivastava 

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