An Indian dream….

Come live my Indian dream…

Where the housing streets smell of tempering mustard seeds in ghee…

The abode of evil spirits, hosts the peepul tree…

The hazy days and starry nights..

A starving poor man’s plight..

The paper boats that swam in puddles

A mother’s tight cuddle..

The Warmer the Homecoming  

The harder leaving…

Myriad blee seasons gleam..

Come live my Indian dream!

Where the Ganges stoops from Kailash 

Where the desert burns and hills are lush..

The kullhad tea aromatic and hot

Sipping and savouring from the mud pot…

The “Godhuli” when the cattle returns to barn..

Where the old woman’s knitting creates multiple loops of yarn…

The sunset and vicinity all serene…

Come live my Indian dream..

The dusk and dawn the entwined twins..

One looses one wins…

Memory lane of childhood traced again..

That wet sand aroma after the rain….

The pious lamp that scatters its beams…

Come live my Indian dream!!

Picture credits: Rajiv Srivastava srivastava

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