Chapter endings….

The evening egrets have started ringing 

The brightest hour of the day has come to halt

A sudden silence a strange silence 

The time had come to revise all the faults

I lay at night with the heaviest heart

To run away from the menace 

I could have shared if it helped 

I could have swallowed if it could be gulped

 it was my misery I had to fight alone

It was my history I had to accept 

It was a mistake too late to be corrected

It was a dark night and a beautiful nightmare

It was a cold morning and a warming comfort

How things get over how new ones start

How to forget and how to start…. 

Somehow I start again carefully crawling

Afraid of dreaming not of falling….

So I lay back and let the tears out

I have my reasons not to fall not to arise not on my abilities doubt…. 

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