Caught in the middle of sour memories,

I hold the pain and grudge forever…

Loosening binded relations

I swear to put back broken pieces never!

Forgiving is hard

Forgetting even worse

Love turns to hatred

Blessings to curse…..

What goods does one remember?

What bads does one not loose count of?

While one fixes the broken parts

The other scatters them apart….

No resentment no regrets

The sounds of revenge talk in mind like those evening egrets….

Where mind speaks on

Where mysteries remain unknown 

Where relations suffer from trivial issues

Where there is no “US” rather me and you….

This is where we are

Neither progressing nor regressing

Drowning in the seas of hatred

Sowing the seeds of revenge…

Dies humanity all the morals are dead!

Is being human a challenge???

One thought on “In’human’

  1. Truer words have never been more spoken and so beautifully put. So strange being caught in a daily web not knowing you are the spider or the fly. Humanity does make being a human hard, and I thought being an alien from Mars was difficult. This flowed very well lovely, great expression.

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