Trek O’ Treat!

Amidst the rocky mountains, in the thick of deserted and parched lands lies the Guna Mata temple, which is a 6.5 km trek from Naddi, meclodganj. Unpaved and less travelled paths, with a trail of grass and naturally flowing water at some points, paves the way to the temple. A scanty and savage gaddi population resides in a small village, that is crossed during the trek. I could conclude from the simple lifestyle of people of the village, that modernisation has not yet struck to that part of the city. After having crossed the village, one can only see the scarcely dotted hills, sprinting along the path to the temple. There is no royal road to such pristine, devotional places.

Deities reside in the highest of altitudes, marked by little vegetation or commodities that could make the sustenance easy. I hadn’t covered even half the path when I saw a huge mountain that stood straight, with all its prestige; Stiff and staunch, cut out into innumerous stairs, that its mere sight made me give up on the “not a cakewalk” Trekking. Somehow, I gathered all the spirit I was left with and it took me 3 Hours to complete the trek. An empty water bottle, a defunct cellphone, bouts of sweat, a fine trail of devotees and tons of dust and dirt accompanied me in my odyssey. Till I reached the temple, I was tired to an inexplicable context. But all the hardwork didn’t fall flat.

I was astounded to see the mighty, nova white structure standing in the midst of the snow clad mountains. There was marked silence all around, just the hubub of sonorant temple bells and sweet chirping of birds could be heard. Winds colder but soul soothing, blew. Tiredness was shrugged off.

Its the divine power I feel that makes it possible for people to tread such difficult terrains. Its the Gods who call upon us, the positivity instantly follows and keeps us going.

a bluish pink hue appeared in the sky, as if even the Goddess was celebrating our devotion. Sound of spluttering of onions, spices and garlic in the mustard oil, smelled so divine. My gluttony rose up when people told me that “mutton and rice” are served as sacrament in the temple everyday. What could be better than such an authentic “TREAT” after such a tiresome trekking, After all one has to go back walking again!

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