°°The city and its unpredictable weather°°

Sipping the aromatic tea, sitting at the window pane of my grandfather’s house in dharamshala, I was pondering over what places to discover during these vacations. Though I was born in dharamshala and I do have a deep rooted sense of attachment with the place, somewhere in my heart, I have never really explored the place much. Poor with the basics of the city I thought of taking up the much travelled routes of meclodganj, naddi, dharamkot etc. The sun shone bright in the sky, the city seemed to bask in the warmth of its reverend rays. Silence encompassed the city just like a cold winter evening. I was all set to leave for my odyssey, when suddenly fell the downpour most unexpectledly. Gushes of wind caressed my face, I threw my bagpack and sprawled in the serenity of the weather. Temperature dropped down to a few degrees. The vicinity as alluring as the arrival of spring and as pleasant as the sun rays in the desolate winters. The city does have a mystical weather. Dropping my plans, I thought of savouring another cup of strong tea, and cherishing the unforeseeable weather of Dharamshala.

5 thoughts on “°°The city and its unpredictable weather°°

  1. What a beautiful place to be born in Akshita…Dharmashala has indeed been a place I’ve always wanted to visit, the climate being the main attraction. I am from Goa, who many say is Paradise (bcoz of the beaches and the laid back life).
    How about switching places? 😉 The above picture is so wowwww!

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    1. I have never been to Goa….I am so mesmerised by the beach, sunset, and the sands…well it’s all about the fact that we badly desire for what’s not in our reach! Well the picture is taken from my grandfather’s balcony!!!


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