Every now and then the mughal kings sleep would break,
For he hazily knew what was written in his fate.
his heart must have quivered,
his limbs must have quaked.
In his heart was such a dreadful fright,
In his consciousness were brought painful sighs…
The lion of punjab’s roar could be heard,
stretched out across the five rivers land along his ferd…
like lions they roared,
wherever they rebuked, enemy was no more!
“Alakha Niranjan! ”
the war cry of the rebellion..
ascetic turned warrior..
tenacious was his character!
chained up in a cage like a lion so brave..
a valiant warrior turned into a knave.
mere teen was the boy,
thrown into Banda’s lap as a toy..
he drew him close and set him apart,
cried a river in his heart!
the executioner with the dagger in his hand,
hacked the child into pieces on the land!
tugged his quivering heart from the body..
thrust into Banda’s mouth,so filthy!
Silence fell in the court..
His guru’s motivation still unshakable still not abort..
A red hot tong pieced Banda apart,
A word of moan he uttered not..
As ceased his heart throb, silence there was, pin drop!

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