A pinch of skin

A Taboo is a repugnance of mind, something that is better if stays unscathed. Taboos are deep rooted in our societies and people are Staunchly passive on these subjects.

I came across an article in the ‘HINDUSTAN TIMES’ which swept me off the ground. It was about Female genital mutation or ‘FGM’, and why was it so shocklike was because it is undergone or practised when the female is too young to endure the pain and too Immature to know what’s actually happening.

FGM as defined by WHO involves partial or total removal of External female genitalia, or other injury to female genital organs for non- medical reasons. It is recognised as the violation of human rights.

The clitoris is said to be removed using a hot blade or knife so that sexual arousement can be prevented. Many females in their younger stage have gone through the process and have come to know it in the later stage of their lives. Many females or victims could remember that they were tempted by their mothers or grandmothers so that they could be prepared to undergo this painful experience. A bait was laid in the form of chocolate or something a child aged 5 would easily get enticed into and then would be taken to a damp place or room where the process would take place. The feeble being could only scream and cry! Such a scornful situation the girls are put into, at such tender age. Does it make them strong?  Is it right to hamper the rights of an individual in such an age when he/she is too naive to protest? Will girls ever be liberated from such shameful torments? Let’s break the silence and gear up for creating a better place , a better country to live in..let’s stop talking about “being the change” rather let us “BE THE CHANGE.”

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